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The UAE Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry 

About the Federation


The UAE Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FCCI) was established pursuant to the Federal Law No. 5 of 1976, which was amended by the Federal Law No. 22 of 2000. The federation came to represent the business sector and the chambers of commerce and industry in socio-economic life.

Vision, mission and objectives




To be the effective representative of the UAE Chambers of Commerce and Industry at all bodies and entities inside and outside the country to serve the interests of the private sector in line with the standards of corporate excellence.


Effectively coordinating between the UAE chambers of commerce and industry and uniting their efforts.


Supporting and protecting the interests of the private sector and encouraging the sector to lead and innovate.


Playing a supportive and complementary role for state institutions in achieving socio-economic development.




Boosting the role played by the private sector in economic development and the competitiveness of the UAE in the global economy.

Providing high quality administrative services with efficiency and transparency.



Activities and Services

The FCCI uses all the necessary powers to achieve the goals for which it was established. It does the following:

Collects data, information and statistics relating to economy in cooperation with the concerned departments.

Provides ministries, departments and government institutions concerned with data, statistics, research and studies related to the development of the national economy.

Studies the issues and difficulties related to the commercial and industrial affairs and forward the results to the competent departments.

Participates in the committees assigned to study issues related to commercial and industrial affairs upon request of the competent authorities.

Gives feed-back on draft laws and regulations related to the economic affairs that are referred to it by the government department.

Represents the chambers of commerce and industry within the country and may, upon the authorities’ request, participate in the economic discussions that the government holds with other countries.

Represents the chambers of commerce and industry in the economic local, regional and international conferences and exhibitions, in coordination with the government departments.

Issues a periodical newsletter containing research, studies and statistics of an economic nature.

Organizes exhibitions and markets in the country within the applicable laws and regulations following coordination with and approval of the competent authorities.

Works on resolving the commercial and industrial disputes through arbitration upon request between persons belonging different chambers or between them and a foreigner or a foreign party.

Consults specialists and experts in the government departments and others to seek advice from them on matters falling within the competencies of the FCCI.

The Federation is empowered by an executive administrative structure formed in accordance with the latest administrative systems that manage it and implements the plans raised in accordance with its strategy, which features all aspects aimed at achieving distinguished commercial and industrial achievements. It furthers seeks to update all aspects of its work based on a scientific system in its various fields and to ensure development of the services offered by it to its customers according to high quality standards under the guidance of the Board of Directors and the General Secretariat.


Strategic outputs of the UAE Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry


The FCCI in cooperation with other government departments, seeks to foster trade and industry to the highest level, to achieve advanced positions and to compete in the Gulf, Arab and international markets in line with its vision.

Therefore, the most important strategic outputs that the FCCI seeks to achieve are:

  • Supervision and coordination between the chambers of commerce and industry in the UAE.

  • International conferences, seminars and meetings.

  • Local and international forums and exhibitions.

  • Publishing and distributing magazines (Business and Fund Magazine - Afaq Economic Magazine)

  • Publishing and distributing annual directories (Industrial Directory - Commercial Directory - Tourist Directory - Website Directory).

  • Publishing annual indicators (private sector’s indicators book).

  • Publishing annual statistics (statistics on trade exchange between the country and the world).

  • Connecting networks with the international programmes and information (connecting to the Arab Trade Finance Programme – connecting to the database of the UAE chambers).

  • Enhancing relations and cooperation with local, Gulf, Arab and international women's entities.

  • Publishing and distributing the Businesswomen Magazine.

  • Empowering Emirati women in both commercial and investment activities by providing information and appropriate facilitations.



Strategic Programmes




Coordinating between the chambers and supporting them as a main representative of the business community in the field of serving and caring for the interests of the private sector in each emirate.


Enhancing economic skills of Emirati women.

Spreading the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation among businessmen and women.


Enhancing role of the private sector in the CSR.

Raising awareness about the activities of the Federation and the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the UAE

Organizing exhibitions, events, conferences, seminars, and workshops.

Enhancing the role of the UAE’s private sector in the global economy and contributing to increasing the GDP.

Providing joint services for all strategic partners with high efficiency.

Effective coordination to achieve the utmost benefit from the technical and administrative capabilities of the UAE chambers of commerce and industry.

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