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Support & Protects Interests of the Members
UAE Chambers 

About “Eshaar” platform


The UAE Chambers launched the “Eshaar” platform as a notification system to monitor all challenges and commercial issues facing their members locally and federally, in order to find out appropriate solutions through coordinating with the concerned entities in the public sector to reconsider the economic policies, laws and regulations with the aim of protecting and caring for interests of the members.

The Objectives

Involving the private sector to participate effectively in formulating the economic policies to ensure the smooth flow of trade and business development.

Developing an attractive business environment to maintain the growth and sustainability of business and to attract investments.

Proactively following up the latest developments in legislation and regulations affecting various business sectors.

Effectively expressing opinion on legislation in accordance with the needs and requirements of the private sector and providing the highest levels of supporting & protecting interests of the members.

 Eshaar Platform Model

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